Cassidy Stewart
June 1, 2018

It may be your first-time hearing about Palm Springsteen, an LA-based band, but it most definitely will not be your last. After listening to their only two songs released so far, you will be motivated to learn more about them and stick around for their full album, “Trouble in Paradise” coming out later this year.

When entering The Echoplex Saturday, May 26, 2018, it was clear to see Palm Springsteen’s vibrant performance had each and every being’s full attention, pulling us into their vibrant performance. The patrons who were once casually walking about the room clutching cocktails and Custom Cowgirl shirts by @adelaidecrocker just purchased now swarmed under the glow of dancing lights.

I worked my way through a sea of sweating bodies and held my camera up to capture Palm Springsteen in all their creamy synth sound.

Beside Nick stood Z Berg, a new addition to the band. Z’s sleek red, mesh top made her glow as she pressed each key with pure passion. With her lips formed into a luminous beam, it was almost impossible to not recognize her enjoyment in her first live set with the group. The chemistry between the two amazing artists was palpable.
When Z would look over at Nick, a playful smirk would play around her lips and their chemistry would ignite fireworks in our souls.

Accompanying Nick and Z were Noah rocking out on the bass, Rob plucking the series of strings on the guitar, and Seth on a strike frenzy on the drums. Right beside me was a group of fans interlocked by their arms jumping in circles with pride. It was obvious that every member of this concert community was entertained by the sound of Springsteen’s performance of, “She’s Got Claws.” The slurry synth intro sent the crowd into a frenzy so loud that you could hardly hear his sinister vocals almost whispering, “She takes you nowhere, her nails dig deep, and she draws your blood.” I remember thinking that they felt and sounded like Tears For Fears; they were like the cool and much edgier little brother of Tears for Fears, with their allusions to 80s pop and also a fresh take on the post-punk sound staying prevalent throughout their set. 

The wall made by the rabid audience was so impressive that I found myself standing on my toes in order to finally get a glimpse of Palm Springsteen’s front man, & guitarist, Nick Hinman. The guy I saw playing on stage looked like a completely different person than the one I had just met less than an hour before. Now, wrapped up in a sleek, white Fender Strat, and supporting a single crutch under his right arm, he glared around the room, occasionally letting his head fall back while giving his guitar a few calculated strums.

Before the show, when I saw the crutch, I recalled saying to Nick, “Sounds like something I would do,” after he had explained to me that he was recovering from a skating accident that nearly shattered his pelvis; to which he replied, “Sounds like something I did,” with a charming smile. With shining brunette locks covering half his face and rocking a surf-punk style, short sleeved button-down, he looked like the epitome of New York cool.

An hour and half after hanging out backstage with Palm Springsteen and friends, Nick tells us that a he ran into a fan wearing a Custom Cowgirl shirt. This fan asked if he liked the shirt, then walked away, telling Nick he had just stolen it from the merch stand. Stunned, we stare at Nick, whose expression is some sort of dazed and confused, ecstatic, post-show expression.  Although we could easily see the disappointed expression on Nick’s face, the energy from the outstanding show could not be diffused by the actions of one mindless person.

Not only was Palm Springsteen present at the Echoplex, but many other artists attended too, such as Joseph Matrick of Girlyboi, Lisa Madonna, photographer Jamie Parkhurst, entertainment executive Rob Moore, and actor/filmmaker/writer Jasmine Poultone. Springsteen is such a brilliant band that other artists couldn’t help but support this fresh brilliance to the music scene.

With so many great bands emerging in Los Angeles, Palm Springsteen cuts right through the mix with their unique sound that lives in both the past and the future, paying homage to some of the greatest bands of the 80s eras while adding something new which makes for one hell of a show. Be sure to look out for their shows in your area and go while tickets are still reasonably priced.  We at Damaged Goods believe they will be in everyone’s headphones very soon with the release of their new Album titled “Trouble in Paradise” coming out later this year. 

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