Photographer and Stylist Herbert Michael George
Photographer's Assistant Tada Kono
Model Alexa Masser
Hair Tamie George

  Roxy bikini, Forever 21 sunglasses

Roxy bikini, Forever 21 sunglasses

  Brandy Melville headband, Forever 21 black bra

Brandy Melville headband, Forever 21 black bra

  Steve Madden boots

Steve Madden boots


Damaged / Goods: What led you to originally pursue a career in modeling?

Alexa Messer: There was never a time in my life I didn't want to model. As far back as I can remember it's been my dream. When I was 10 I had a pretty impressive magazine collection and I've always loved photographs so I think that surrounding myself around all of that at a young age ignited the fire inside of me. I got scouted when I was 14 and would model when I was younger but it interfered with school too much so once I graduated is when I really got to pursue it. 

Damaged: Who would you say is your ultimate fashion inspiration?

Alexa: New York street style, I'll find the best inspiration for style on the people I sit next to on the subway or wait in line for coffee with. I'm also very much inspired by rock n' roll. That's definitely my style inspiration. A ripped up band tee and some leather pants and I'm good to go.

Damaged: Favorite fashion brands?

Alexa: I absolutely love Dolce & Gabbana. No matter what season or year. For everyday wear I like Free People or Brandy Melville, they have fun clothes and aren't crazy expensive, my two favorite qualities!

Damaged: In terms of music, who are your top artists of the moment?

Alexa: It really depends on my mood. Right now I'm obsessed with The Chainsmokers, I'm going to their concert this week and am so pumped! I love a variety of stuff, my absolute favorites are Frank Sinatra, Lil Wayne, Bon Jovi and Beyoncé. Definitely a little bit of everything.

What's your damage?

Alexa: That's for me to know and for you to find out ;)

Photography @h3rbertmichael
Photo Assistant @tada_kono
Model @alexa_messer
Hair @t_a_m_i_e