Clutch & Shoes Marchesa, Socks Darner Socks
Hat Maison Michel, Coat H&M, Necklace Lillian Shalom
T-Shirt: Junk Food, Dress H&M, Skirt H&M Earrings Erickson Beamon, Glasses Tenoversix, Purse Emm Kuo 
Hat Maison Michel, T-Shirt Junk Food, Blazer & Pants: TwinSet, Shoes Schutz Earrings Erickson Beamon Rings Sydney Evan


Damaged / Goods: What led you to originally pursue a career in modeling?

Impy: It was never on my agenda or a dream of mine…it fell into my lap. From there, I did everything I possibly could to hold onto it. 

Damaged: Who would you say is your ultimate fashion inspiration?

Impy: Stuck between Bella Hadid’s street style and Alexander McQueen. 

Damaged: Favorite fashion brands?

Impy: All my local thrift shops and Alexander Wang. 

Damaged: In terms of music, who are your top artists of the moment?

Impy: Rihanna and The Neighborhood. 

Whats your damage? 

Impy: My most conflicting and current damage is being young and vulnerable. Not knowing who I am or where I belong in a world where it seems like everyone has it figured out (or at least pretends to).  

Photography @lauraallardfleischl
Model @ximpyx with @nextmodelsla
Styling @haleycamille
Hair & Makeup @francieluxe
Clothing @nowprla

Réalisation @aurelienlevitan