Photographer and Stylist Michelle Terris
Model Zoe Elyse at Wilhelmina Los Angeles
Hair Cara Zozula
Makeup Rachel Klein

Zoe_walt disey_17-76-Edit.jpg
 ZARA full look

ZARA full look

Zoe_walt disey_17-360-Edit.jpg
Zoe_walt disey_17-383-Edit.jpg
Zoe_walt disey_17-400.jpg
Zoe_walt disey_17-480-Edit.jpg
 Jacket by ZARA, blouse H&M

Jacket by ZARA, blouse H&M

Zoe_walt disey_17-677.jpg
Zoe_walt disey_17-724.jpg
 Dress by NASTY GAL, scarf H&M, shoes ZARA  Zara

Dress by NASTY GAL, scarf H&M, shoes ZARA  Zara

 Pants TOP SHOP, est & blouse by ZARA,  hat BRIXTON

Pants TOP SHOP, est & blouse by ZARA,  hat BRIXTON

Zoe_Walt Disney Concert Hall_17-83-Edit.jpg


Damaged / Goods: What led you to pursue a career in modeling?

Zoe Belle Elyze: Originally, I wasn't sure I could even have a career in modeling because of my height. I was always interested in modeling as a child. I would go into my mom's closet and put on her clothes and shoes and do fashion shows for my family. I just loved clothes and fashion and everything about it. 

Damaged: Ultimate fashion inspiration?

Zoe: I find inspiration in everything, traveling, the people I meet and my current emotional status but my ultimate fashion icons is are both Alexa Chung and Jane Birkin. 

Damaged: Favorite fashion brands?

Zoe:Definitely Saint Laurent and recently I'm really loving the rebranding that Coach went through and I love Valentino! 

Damaged: Who are your top artists of the moment?

Zoe: Currently I'm obsessed with the new Phoenix album. Always a huge fan of Mac DeMarco, and also loving Szymon! 

What's your damage?

Zoe: Just going through depression and anxiety has always been a challenge for me but I find that every time I overcome one small challenge with depression and anxiety it helps me grow. 


Photographer and Stylist @mterrisphoto
Model @zoebelleelyse with @wilhleminamodels
Hair @rachelemily_mua
Makeup @carazozula