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I meet with Brent at his studio, The Rhabbitat, a creative space in Echo Park set up by fellow artist and LA native, Rhabbit Ono. While waiting I meet Rhabbit, and we talk about the nature of LA right now and all of the exciting things that are occurring here, even more so than before. I meet the guys who are setting up and making juices – Rhabbit leases out the space to other creative companies like this juice one, pop-up supper clubs and more. They give me a delicious juice. Before the interview starts I feel inspired. In London, where I grew up, these are the scenes and ideas that surrounded us but had already petered out by the time I was old enough to enjoy them myself. A lot of talk is going on right now about the price of living and artists being driven out of art capitals like London. These scenes and settings are dependent on the cultural climate, which is just right now in LA – this is what I came here for. Brent comes in and introduces me to his friend, a musician who moved here from Baltimore two weeks ago. They have since become close friends. Brent also grew up in LA, “all over the Eastside” he tells me. He worked as a writer and in publishing before moving to the more tangible psychedelic of his invented Future Eyes, glasses with crystals for lenses that allow you to see the future through vibrant and intoxicating vision. “I am more in the present and less in the past when I wear these glasses because I'm being teleported from the worlds of memories into the fullness of now,” says Brent in a statement that I think expresses the point of Future Eyes in a way that makes the most sense for me. We hug as we greet each other, and already I feel he is my friend, has always been my friend. It is a great feeling. 

For more information on Future Eyes—RAPTURE

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Kate Eringer: What are you primarily, a writer or inventor? Is there even a separation between the two or do they fit together?

Brent Pearson: Well, I was primarily a writer. I’ve had a publishing company for 5 or 6 years and I was publishing books and magazines and things that I was writing. Then I wrote this book about color, this family of colors, where the mother and father were Black and White and they were the parents of this sort of cult family and red through violet were the characters. Their names are their colors and in order to create dialogue I assigned a gender to each color and then they became very sexual in nature, sort of an orgy of colors. It’s sort of a study of sexuality through colors. Then I was studying light and the electromagnetic spectrum, Chakras and color theory and then I started writing this book about seeing the future and the process of invention.  This is where we came up with the glasses, I was also publishing books for many years and it’s not a very profitable business but I still love books so I came up with the idea that instead of selling books I would make them free and you could buy the glasses.

I had the idea to make these glasses and then I got a lot more into photography and cinema and taking a lot of pictures through the crystals. I got into this prophecy project about seeing the future. That’s kind of how it all happened.

Kate: I wanted to ask you about your inspiration from filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, who has also been hugely impactful for me creatively. You’ve mentioned him in interviews before, could you speak a little more on that?

Brent: Yeah, actually this table (a circular table painted as an iris), we want to do these conversations where we have a 360’ camera in the middle and it’s kind of like a Jodorowsky-esque … (shows me a still from Holy Mountain).  I decided to paint these Irises based from artists that I like. This one is painted from Tilda Swinton’s! I used her eye as the reference point to paint the table.

Kate: In an older interview, you talked about wanting to make a film about prophecy, under the idea that everyone is a prophet, whether they know it or not. I love that; I think it’s so beautiful.

Brent: Yeah, because everyone’s creating the world around them with their thoughts. That’s what their world is. Once you realize that, it becomes more important to you to make sure what you’re choosing to think about. I had this conversation last night actually where every time you talk about something, metaphorically you’re accelerating towards it. So anytime you’re talking about something you don’t like mentally, you should probably change the subject.

Kate: Could you tell us about Optical Aerobics?

Brent: I don’t know if this is an actual field but I’ve been using this term ‘Pineal Gland Recalibration’. There’s this machine called the Bioptron that you can do light, sound and color healing with and there’s some studies that have been done that are meant to offset dementia. They’ve been doing studies on elderly people and this guy in Miami contacted me and asked me to send him some glasses for research he was doing on elderly people to see conscious sensory exploration and ways of strengthening your senses through ultra human experience. By stimulating your senses you can possibly extend your life span. So, Optical Aerobics is this idea that you can strengthen your eyes by exercising them the same way you might exercise your body or your mind. Strengthening your senses through experimentation. I’ve been writing a book about it and that’s one of the chapters.




Kate: How do you view dreams, in connection to the real life purpose/meaning?

Brent: Well, I was speaking to this guy about it that does a lot of meditation, a lot of yoga, and he told me that the future doesn’t exist, all you have is now, the present or presence. So he just kept saying that, and obviously I’ve heard it a lot, the whole Be Here Now movement is something that I fully agree with. However, what I’m talking about isn’t about not being fully present, it’s about being more present.


And what the difference is between imagination and seeing the future and creative process. To me, a dream is a series of potential realities; it’s your imagination running fully wild. Beyond the looking glass, like Alice through the Looking Glass. So in reality she’s walking through the garden and she slips through the Rabbit Hole and suddenly she’s in a dream world, when basically what really happened is she fell asleep. She fell asleep and she dreamt. Another example of that is The Wizard of Oz. I was thinking about this the other day at my friend’s house because they asked if I’d ever watched The Wizard of Oz and listened to Pink Floyd, which is what you’re supposed to do watch The Wizard of Oz and listen to Pink Floyd. So I’m watching it and I’ve seen this movie many times because it’s my sisters’ favorite movie. So when they’re in the cyclone and the house is flying in the air, in my opinion, with Future Eyes, when you put the crystal to your eye, the space in between the crystal is the Cyclone. That’s kind of a metaphor for what I’m working on. So, in my opinion a dream is imagination letting loose. A lot of people like to say they’re about processing your day. I have a lot of thoughts on the therapeutic aspects of these glasses. Psychologists and therapists do this exercise with people who’ve had traumatic experiences that they can’t get over, who are trapped in this world that’s not now, and I’m not discounting that that’s very heavy stuffy but, for example, if someone is sad and you tickle them, they’re immediately not sad, for a moment, anymore. Unless … they don’t like being tickled. The idea is that if you stimulate someone to become present, then they are no longer trapped in that moment. It can be as simple as pinching someone, to enter the present, the rapture of now.

I like that, rapture of now.

Kate: What are the most inspiring moments you’ve had, while wearing Future Eyes glasses?

Brent: When you wear the glasses for long enough, you start to notice that everything has an energy field. Everything. Everything is emanating a specific level of radiant energy. So if you wear the glasses and you look really closely at your hand, you’ll see this vibrating like a little mini rainbow that surrounds everything. You can see where the frequency starts and as it moves out you can see the color field moving. And it’s on everything. It’s so interesting to look at one solid object and realize that it’s not one solid object.


A feeling of intense pleasure or joy.
synonyms: ecstasy, bliss, exaltation, euphoria, elation, joy, enchantment, delight, happiness, pleasure
"she gazed at him in rapture"



Kate Eringer Eringer interviewed Brent Pearson on FUTUREEYES & The Rapture of now October 27, 2015 for DAMAGED / GOODS ZERO


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The fulfillment or achievement of something desired or anticipated.
"He did not live to see the realization of his dream"