The Graduate shop was born in 2010 from an observation: Bordeaux, elegant city by essence, offered the fight but not the weapons. Graduate is thus created by revolt. Then came the desire to select partners of excellence in order to work the man's classical dressing room and offer a nice alternative to traditional Bordeaux showcases.

Nowadays, Graduate is two men's fashion stores and an e-shop showcasing designer products from different horizons, French, American, Scandinavian and Asian, in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

The Bordeaux ready-to-wear brand Graduate unveils this month the first volume of its collaboration with photographer Nicolas Gavino.A FW2017 campaign in the form of 24-page book for which Graduate gave carte blanche to the photographer. 

For this collaboration with Graduate, the photographer Nicolas Gavino explains his approach: "For this series, I concentrated mainly on two themes: the loss of the sacred and the parallel between eroticism and death. Dark shots where bodies, screens, statues are buried under a thin layer of dust. A lessened, tragic and fragile universe ... «  

The result is 14 photos in black and white, with a single grain, revealing an atmosphere both erotic and outdated for this Volume 1. The book is published in 100 copies, numbered and signed by the photographer. A Volume 2 is already in preparation.

Nicolas Gavino, photographer and designer of the intimate

Nicolas Gavino began with graphic design, followed by a long period of graffiti, before developing an interest for girls, eroticism, sexuality, the death instinct ...

In Paris, he meets "pick-up artists", whose daily life consists in trying to seduce girls in the street, and begins with them to learn the game of seduction. This experience completely disconcerts his vision of woman, which he decides to translate into images by buying a camera.

He begins to photograph friends, models, his lovers, abstract things, himself. Not recognizing himself in the so-called "erotic" pictures, he prefers to turn to nude stagings in situations that have nothing to do with sexuality, using black and white that homogenizes the image and acts as a screen. Everyone's imagination opens up to an infinite field of ideas and fantasies.

Working with an automatic camera, he develops his own pictures in silver in his small bathroom in the light of the moon, which slightly burns his prints and gives them a unique character.



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