HORNOF comes from the mind of visionary designer Frederick Hornof. The Antwerp based designer earned his Masters degree there, at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Frederick's graduation project, a film created in collaboration with director Joost Vandebrug laid the foundation for the video work which is now a core element of the womenswear brand hornof.tv .

The first luxury fashion brand to promote their collections exclusively via cinematic short films in combination with interactive web tools.

For more information and immediate contact: hornof.tv .

Clutch & Shoes Marchesa, Socks Darner Socks
T-Shirt: Junk Food, Dress H&M, Skirt H&M Earrings Erickson Beamon, Glasses Tenoversix, Purse Emm Kuo 


Eline Hoyois: How long been working on this brand and why did you want to make your own line?

Frederick Hornof: Initially I wanted to start my own label for a while,but after a person from a homeshopping channel added me randomly on LinkedIn I started thinking about how this system can still be relevant today and how it could actually be translated in a creative and modern way. So then I started workin on hornof.tv, a label with an interactive video webshop presenting its collection in an cinematic way.

Eline: What was your inspiration for this collection ?

Frederik: My second collection explores the rich universe of Fassbinder’s movie Characters such as Petra von Kant.Submission and domination are translated through fragile sheers,feather trimmings and lace, opposed to rigid cottons and dry jacquards.

Eline: I heard that you were at the Royal Fashion Academy of Antwerp, can your describe your experience there in 3 words ?

Frederik: Make it work!

Eline: Do you prefer drawing or working directly on the body to discover your new collections?

Frederik: Both processes are equally important.It differs from the idea. Sometimes its easier to reasearch directly in 3D and other times its more helpful to have a clear idea on paper


Eline: Who is the Hornof Woman ?

Frederik: She a free-spirited, confident woman

Eline: Do you want to have a men’s collection in the future or are you inspired mostly by women?

Frederik: Actually I am working on a capsule collection that also includes pieces for man and woman


Photography @sweeriouslee
Model @elinehoyois
Hair & Makeup @cecileparavina
Clothing @hornofofficial