DAMAGED / GOODS June 30 2017

David Ledoux and Théo Cholbi met on the set of Larry Clark’s film “The Smell of Us”. David was shooting a series of portraits for Dazed. They kept in touch and David continued taking portraits of Théo.

David and Theo started hanging out together, taking mini road trips in the South west of France. With this film, David wanted to show the different facets of Théo's rich and complex personality with his music and his texts, with no team and limited sources. A Nikon FM2 and a Hasselblad for the photos, a Sony DV and a Canon 5D for the film. 



Damaged / Goods: Theo, what led you to originally pursue an acting career?

Théo Cholbi: I left home at 16 and little by little, I began to want to play in short films. I love people and being someone else. Cinema gives me that opportunity. 

Damaged: Your first role in a feature length film was offered to you by the legendary filmmaker and photographer Larry Clark. Tell us about relationship between his actors? 

Théo: Larry started calling us by our character's name as soon as we began shooting the film. We were all very invested in living the script in real life which can be challenging physically and psychologically. We were very excited to shoot this movie the two years before the shoot! We unconsciously immersed ourselves in a very strong way in the universe of Larry. This experience shooting the film was very useful for the next steps in my career.

Damaged: The film deals with rather difficult themes including prostitution, how did you approach your character?

Théo: My character was the only one not to prostitute himself, he was forsaken by his girlfriend in the course of the story. He could not bear to see his friends sell their bodies. So an uneasiness grew in him throughout the story.

Damaged: Do you have an interest in pursuing a career in Hollywood? 

Théo: I would love to! I plan on practicing my English in order to get to a level where I am comfortable.

Damaged: Where do you find your inspiration?

Théo: In life through the people I meet, films, music, misfortunes and joys.

Whats your damage?

Théo: I jumped in The Seine in January 2011


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