JAKIMAC uses the highest quality, hand-selected luxury materials. All their leather goods are made in a small studio in East Los Angeles with leathers carefully sourced from North American tanneries. Each and every JAKIMAC piece is handcrafted using tried and true leather techniques with obsessive attention to detail. JAKIMAC produces limited quantities of each product, always in respect of our environmental impact and never in excess.JAKIMAC's pieces are built with precise fits, durability, and function in mind.


JAKIMAC is committed to re-purposing materials after making a product. Over 98% of their scrap leather is turned into another functional piece, whether it’s a piece of jewelry or transformed into a sculptural object. 

All JAKIMAC's leathers are designed in LA.

To view uncensored polaroids shot by Elizabeth O'Rourke, click on the Uncensored link:  FREEDOM

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Damaged / Goods: What led you to pursue a career as a fashion designer?

Jaki Capozzoli: I didn’t go to fashion school, I studied as a fine artist. I just kept creating things that felt right and somehow it led me to fashion. I’ve always been interested in exploring the body and human condition, so it seems natural that my work progressed this way.

Damaged: Tell us about the exploration of dualities in your designs?

Jaki: I like contradictions and balance. The pieces explore masculine vs. feminine, hard vs. soft, rugged vs. refined. I like pairing leather with other elements, chain, gemstones, cast metals.

Damaged: What is your take on the hyper sexualization of the female body?

Jaki: It fucking sucks. It just feels bad to be an object. To feel like you’re constantly on display, and then to feel like you’re never enough. It’s something that’s been driven into my psyche since childhood, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt inadequate, been afraid of being myself, or to be sexy, because then you become that object. I want women to have the freedom to be sexy without a built-in fear and self-deprecation that comes with it. Thanks for asking about it.

Damaged: Tell us about your immersive art installations?

Jaki: I’m kind of all over the place. I used to paint murals to make money, and built sets for haunted houses and theater companies.  One of my favorite pieces was an installation inside a Chicago train car for an exhibition called Art on Track. I teamed up with three other artists to transform the train car into a home away from home. The idea was to take this transitional space of traveling from A to B and make it feel like it was its own destination.

Damaged: What message are you trying to convey through your creations? 

Jaki: I want to create a deeper understanding of ones sexuality, wild nature and individuality. A fearlessness to be yourself, and empowerment to rise against what tries to bring you down in this world.  

Damaged: Who are you listening to at the moment? 

Jaki: I grew up listening to rock n’ roll music, I wanted to be Mick Jagger. Rock stars are my heroes and heroines, so I design for them - the rebels and free-spirits. I’m currently listening to Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett, The War on Drugs, and of course I’m always revisiting favorites, Patti Smith, The Doors, The Distillers, The Pixies, David Bowie.

Damaged: Tell us about JAK, the brother brand to JAKIMAC?

Jaki: JAK will serve a platform for one-of-a-kind, made to order pieces and works of art. It is a way for me to break free from creating only as a fashion designer. There will be no limits. Production and collaborations will be extremely exclusive. I plan to launch JAK in spring of 2018. 

Damaged: How was your collaboration with Elisabeth O’Rourke for the story?

Jaki: I love shooting with Elisabeth because I believe in her work. She is a female photographer who solely shoots other females. She’s trying to change the narrative of how we look at women’s bodies. This was the first shoot I did wearing my own pieces, even though I’ve been designing for 6 years. It has taken me a long time to be comfortable sharing this much of myself. With Elisabeth, I felt incredibly comfortable working with her to explore my body, movement in the harness, and tap into some difficult emotions I was feeling at the time.  

What's your damage? 

Jaki: What part of me isn’t damaged? There’s been heartbreaks, abuse, abandonment, but the worst is self-inflicted. I work every single day to overcome what’s in my own head. I’m my own worst critic, and I’m not easy on myself.