Damaged / Goods :What led you to originally pursue a career in modeling ?

Madison Blampied: It was actually the work of a relentless friend - I was scouted at 15 and when they wanted all my information I politely told them I wasn't interested. Lucky for me, my friend informed them she knew all my details and would be happy to pass them on. To this day I have her to thank for getting me into an industry I love! 

Damaged: Who would you say is your ultimate fashion inspiration ?

Madison: I don't think I have an "ultimate". I'm definitely surrounded by people who's effortless style inspires me regularly but I like to take inspiration from everywhere and piece it together in a way that reflects my own style. 

Damaged: Favorite fashion brands ?

Madison: Oh wow that's even tougher than the previous question. I think I have a handful of favourites for each category. Like for denim, GRLFRND, Redone, Iro, rta, citizens of humanity and Mother are my most loved for a good pair of jeans. So as you can imagine, with all the types of clothes a girl can buy my list goes down to the floor! 

Damaged: In terms of music, who are your top artists of the moment ? 

My music is always so different! I like almost every genre so if you're listening to music with me you'll hear it ALL. Trust me. I love drakes new album, but then again who doesn't? I'm obsessed with Khalid too, his voice is so soothing. All the songs by H.E.R have me singing like an idiot in my car. Honestly too many talented artists out there to narrow it down right now.

Whats your damage ?

Madison: When I was seven my dad almost lost his life in an accident and was given a 20% chance of surviving. I will forever be thankful for getting to grow up with a Dad who went against the odds and fought for his life. It taught me to never take any day for granted. Life is too short to be rude to people, to hold grudges and to worry about the small things. That event has always made me grow up grateful. Grateful to have a life on this earth and be surrounded by such incredible people while I'm here. 

Photography @lizaboone
Model @madiblampied at @wilhelminamodels
Hair & Makeup @cheyanne.makeup