Aurelien Levitan June, 19 2017

I met Lysa Thieffry online, Nov, 11th 2016, when she submitted a story as a photographer for consideration to The subject of the email read "Photographer little fashion story Lysa Thieffry". I opened up the email, checked out the layout and images of her story and immediately fell in love with Lysa's aesthetic. I went on Lysa's Instagram handle to check out who she was and her work as a photographer. The link in her bio read "LYSA THIEFRRY 🐬⚡️🐬 ⚯͛ Digital Art Director at @vogueparis △⃒⃘ Model ♡ Photographer ⚯͛ Graphic designer

I discovered a beautiful and talented young woman with an impressive and extensive body of work. 

Lysa Thieffry is a Franco-American Art Director, Photographer and she is curerently the Digital Art Director for 

Lysa started her professional career as a model in Paris, right after high school. First, she went to college in France at Sup de Pub, School of Communication then moved to New York where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in communication design from Parsons, one of the most prestigious art and design schools in the world.

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity" Seneca the Younger

In the winter of 2014, Lysa was in New York when she met Gaby Cove who was then the Head of Photography at Condé Nast Digital UK.

The young graphic designer at the time showed the Condé Nast power house her online portfolio who then passed it along to's Art Director, Fernando Dias de Souza.

Two days later, Lysa had an interview to work at in New York. She spent 8 months working as a Junior Digital Designer there.

In December 2015, Lysa was back home in Paris working as an Art Director Assistant at the Courrèges House when she heard that Vogue Paris was looking for their new Digital Art Director.

Vogue, was always a big deal for Lysa so she decided to go in and interview for the position and she got the job. Proud and nervous at the same time, Lysa was now back working for Vogue, but this time in my country.

Lysa Thieffry started working as the Digital Art Director for Vogue in February 2016, only a month shy of her 26th birthday. 

You can follow Lysa on Instagram at @ylisssa and Vogue Paris at @vogueparis


Zara top and skirt

Zara top and skirt

Zara top, Maje skirt, Bimba Y Lola sandals

Zara top, Maje skirt, Bimba Y Lola sandals

Zara top and overalls

Zara top and overalls



Damaged / Goods: Lysa, please tell us what made you want to become an Art Director?

Lysa Thieffry: I fell in love with Graphic Design in France, then I decided to apply to Parsons School of Design in NYC. I feel like in the US, there are much more resources than Europe, people seem more open to change and innovation. My first job was for Nylon Magazine in NYC as a Graphic Design Assistant. There, I discovered there the Ins and outs of working for a Fashion Magazine. After that experience, I knew that I wanted to become an Art Director.

Damaged: What type of work goes into being the Digital Art Director of one of the most prestigious Fashion Magazines in the world?

Lysa: Rigorous work and the willingness to work at anytime of the day because the online platform of a Fashion Magazine is continuously live. Always believe in your creative ideas because you need to fight for your vision.

Damaged: In addition to your responsibilities at Vogue Paris, you are a photographer. What inspired you to pick up a camera

Lysa: The freedom to create something more personal in collaboration with other artists.

Damaged: Can you tell us about the differences in the approach and preparation of your team’s work at vs Vogue Paris the print magazine?

Lysa: Our team at is way smaller then for the print magazine. The work is entirely different because of the medium of time. The print magazine has about 3 weeks to produce stories, articles, layouts, etc. whereas for the website, we work mostly one or two days ahead of time or “LIVE”. 

Damaged: From your experience working for Condé Nast, what is your take on the company’s transition from print to digital?

Lysa: Condé Nast France, like various other publishing companies, have realized that a shift towards digital is absolutely necessary in order to survive in this digital era. But print is a tangible object and has to continue in order to represent the history of magazines.

Damaged: During our last phone conversation, you mentioned Vogue Hommes. Can you tell us more about this new online platform?

Lysa: Vogue Hommes is the male version of Vogue Paris. Hugo Compain who is In charge of the digital development for Vogue Homme does a wonderful job creating all the content for the new online platform. You can check out Vogue Hommes on Instagram at @vogueshommes

Damaged: What was the inspiration behind your new story shot at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts?

Lysa: I wanted to create a soft and romantic summer ambiance. Dana-Fiona Armour who modeled for the story is an amazing artist and actually studies at Les Beaux Art in Paris. My friend Caroline Augier and I worked closely together using the four primary colors.

Damaged: Do you see yourself working and living in the US again?

Lysa: The US is the land where anything can happen. I just don’t know when yet, It all depends on a new challenge. 

What’s your damage? 

Lysa: Always wanting more!


Photography and Styling @ylisssa
Model @danafionaarmour with @citymodels
Hair @olivier_nz
Makeup @carolineaugiermakeup
Words @aurelienlevitan