Lysa Thieffry is an Art Director and Photographer based in Paris, France. Lysa has worked as Digital Designer at in New York and as a Digital Art Director at in Paris.

Passionately curious, Lysa is always on the look out for the next challenge.


Damaged / Goods: Lysa, please tell us what made you want to become an Art Director?

Lysa Thieffry: I fell in love with Graphic Design in France, then I decided to apply to Parsons School of Design in NYC. I feel like in the US, there are much more resources than Europe, people seem more open to change and innovation. My first job was for Nylon Magazine in NYC as a Graphic Design Assistant. There, I discovered there the Ins and outs of working for a Fashion Magazine. After that experience, I knew that I wanted to become an Art Director.

Damaged: What type of work goes into being the Digital Art Director of one of the most prestigious Fashion Magazines in the world?

Lysa: Rigorous work and the willingness to work at anytime of the day because the online platform of a Fashion Magazine is continuously live. Always believe in your creative ideas because you need to fight for your vision.

Damaged: In addition to your responsibilities at Vogue Paris, you are a photographer. What inspired you to pick up a camera?

Lysa: The freedom to create something more personal in collaboration with other artists.

Damaged: Can you tell us about the differences in the approach and preparation of your team’s work at vs Vogue Paris the print magazine?

Lysa: Our team at is way smaller then for the print magazine. The work is entirely different because of the medium of time. The print magazine has about 3 weeks to produce stories, articles, layouts, etc. whereas for the website, we work mostly one or two days ahead of time or “LIVE”. 

Damaged: From your experience working for Condé Nast, what is your take on the company’s transition from print to digital?

Lysa: Condé Nast France, like various other publishing companies, have realized that a shift towards digital is absolutely necessary in order to survive in this digital era. But print is a tangible object and has to continue in order to represent the history of magazines.

Damaged: During our last phone conversation, you mentioned Vogue Hommes. Can you tell us more about this new online platform?

Lysa: Vogue Hommes is the male version of Vogue Paris. Hugo Compain who is In charge of the digital development for Vogue Homme does a wonderful job creating all the content for the new online platform. You can check out Vogue Hommes on Instagram at @vogueshommes

Damaged: What was the inspiration behind your new story shot at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts?

Lysa: I wanted to create a soft and romantic summer ambiance. Dana-Fiona Armour who modeled for the story is an amazing artist and actually studies at Les Beaux Art in Paris. My friend Caroline Augier and I worked closely together using the four primary colors.

Damaged: Do you see yourself working and living in the US again?

Lysa: The US is the land where anything can happen. I just don’t know when yet, It all depends on a new challenge. 

What’s your damage? 

Lysa: Always wanting more!



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