Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert, Creative director / Designer of MARKANTOINE reveals the Lookbook of his new Spring/Summer 2018 collection exclusively to DAMAGED / GOODS



Damaged / Goods: What led you to pursue a career as a Designer / Creative Director?

Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert: I studied in theater and I spent my time drawing dresses. One day my mother told me that my place was perhaps in fashion, so I packed and left the countryside for the big city, that's where I learned this wonderful job. On the other hand, when I worked in Paris with designer Aline Ochoa and subcontracted for the LVMH group, I finally knew what I wanted to do, have my own company and create my own aesthetic.

Damaged: Tell us about the evolution of your designs, from your FW 15 collection MoonRiders to FW 17 Unusual Who?

Markantoine: The important thing for me has always been to respect my integrity as a creator, that each of my stories is transmitted through my clothes. Over time, my aesthetic has (I think) refined, my stories are more subtle but still alive, captivating. Of course, the quality of the clothes, my presentations and my selection of material is perhaps more mature, but the expression is the same.

Damaged: How do your creations challenge the conventions of masculine vs feminine?

Markantoine: As I always say, whoever wants to wear my clothes will wear them. I do not like to say that my clothes are unisex, but made for the one who wants to wear them. I try to use all kinds of models to create a diversity that can touch as many people as possible!

Damaged: What fabrics do you use to create your Gothic Exotic Designs?

Markantoine: The duality of my subjects reflects this aesthetic, to put materials, textures and prints that do not necessarily go together, this dark side, even horror set in context with something POP, fun and colorful. My favorite subjects are denim, glitter and all that is sweet!

Damaged: How does music inspire your creative work flow? 

Markantoine: The impact of music in my life is pretty impressive, if I'm not listening to a movie or teaching, I'm probably listening to music! It's a little unconsciously that I let myself be carried by the flow to create. It is also extremely important music during my shows, I am control freak in general but ESPECIALLY music haha. 

Damaged: Who are your top artists of the moment?

Markantoine: THE LATE LIL PEEP, who sincerely inspired my next collection, it's been a long time that I had not had a crush on an artist like him, both musically and aesthetically, he was for me a great artist to become, I was eager to see, hear what he was going to give us <3. Otherwise, for the last collection I was largely inspired by the music of the Montreal singer KROY, it's his scavenger album that I was creating the collection.

Damaged: Name one of your dream project that you would like to achieve? 

Markantoine: To have my summer workshop in Montreal and my winter workshop in LA, I hate our winters !!! No, but no kidding, I would love to have the challenge of being at the head of a big house, having the chance to create under the aesthetic of another creator, to continue the work of one or two a great fashion. While keeping MARKANTOINE of course!

Damaged: What can you tell us about this new Spring / Summer 2018 collection?

Markantoine: Lil Peep, Emo, Msn, Myspace, 00’s, nostalgia…

What's your damage?

Markantoine: I think I'm very lucky to have parents who have always believed in me, they always encouraged me in my worst madness, without judgments. Today, they are my biggest fans, my biggest fans and if I am the one I am today, it is thanks to them, and also because I had ambition and an excellent team with me.

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Photography @xandrejames
Styling @simonvenne
Models @nano.nanette et @dyamond.boy
Hair @javoleoon
Makeup @anitasanchezh
Designer / Creative Director @markantoine_official