Rebecca Zephyr Thomas
July 7 2017

Mia Carucci is the archetypical girl around LA; she’s the slashie you can’t help but love. Mia combines modeling, DJing and general awesome goofiness. She’s sexy and funny, and already beloved by random teenage girls who follow her IG account. We were shooting Mia in the streets of Los Feliz and a group of girls no older than 14 came up to her on the street for hugs and photos. 

For this photo series Mia wears jewelry by label Meadowlark, which is stocked at Colette in Paris and Nordstrom in the US. Meadowlark has been worn by Zoe Kravitz and Rhianna and is tough but chic; the pieces can be worn to a dive bar or for lunch at The Sunset Tower.

Mia answered a few questions about her favorite songs, secret spots for a date you want to hide, taking back the expression THOT and passing on her love of vinyl to the youth of South Central LA.



Rebecca Zephyr Thomas: To the outsider, LA looks like a super liberal, multi-ethnic city, as a woman of color actually living there what is your perspective?

Mia Carucci: Being a woman of color in LA continues to be such a turbulent ride of emotions for mw. Coming from Miami where everyone is unapologetically ethnic, living amongst each other - the deep divide between races in LA was super jarring to me. I found myself showing up to predominantly white spaces, searching for refuge in the 2-5 faces of people who resembled me. I live in Korea town, a neighbourhood occupied by mostly Latino and Asian families and I couldn’t be happier. It feels like a bubble within a bubble. There’s fresh fruit, yard sales, taco trucks, and kids running around with their friends on every other block. It seems pretty rare nowadays since neighborhoods like Silverlake, Echo Park, West Hollywood have become so gentrified and are losing the charm that once made LA so special. 

Rebecca: You're a single girl who is dating in LA, what's the funniest or most shocking dating experience you have had recently out there?

Mia: I guess they’re all pretty hilarious in the way that none of them have worked out. lol. I guess the most recent funny moment was when my mom came to visit me and met one guy I was dating at a party. He was so nervous and drunk that he took a photo of himself in a photo booth and gave it to her. It was pretty cute and I don’t think he remembered doing it. We stopped talking a week after so I told her to burn it. Maybe that story is less funny and shocking and more pointless, which has definitely been the theme around dating in LA for me. 

Rebecca: Why did you decide to reclaim the expression THOT?

Mia: I mean, why not? That. Hoe. Over. There. It’s iconic! As a society we’ve been taught to shame women who are sexually liberated and open about their truths. I really love that in 2017 popular culture is shedding a positive light on what it means to be single, hard working, independent and sexual. There are memes about dating multiple men on Tinder so that your fridge is stocked with date doggy bags instead of groceries. Maybe not that specific (I hope a meme god reads this and makes that happen), but my generation is out here. We’re dating multiple people at once, we’re finding maybe one person can’t fulfill all of your needs, we’re exploring that theory - and if that means being a THOT then girl, I’m here for it. IT ME!

Rebecca: Where would you suggest as a date location if you were going out with a guy and for whatever reason you wouldn't want anyone to see you together?

Mia: Well, damn, I’m about to blow up my own spot! Maybe any restaurant in Santa Monica. I literally know no one on that side of the world. 

Rebecca: How about a date location for the man of your dreams and you were about to propose?

Taco Zone. Duh. 

Rebecca: You have DJ'd in some of LA's best nightspots, what has been your favorite venue so far?

Mia: Definitely 143 at 'The Echoplex'. It’s an R&B / Hip Hop party I’ve been a part of for a few years as a “hype woman” counterpart to some of my favourite dj’s. I dj’ed our 4 year anniversary and it was wild. The diehard 143 fans are so supportive and showed me so much love, I almost cried. The space is also just spacious and fun. The party happens the last Thursday of every month. Cruise through!

Rebecca: Best song to get over a breakup?

Beyoncé - Me, Myself and I

Best motivational morning song?

Fela Kuti - Zombie

Best song to shag to?

DVSN - Too Deep

Rebecca: How did you get involved with teaching second-grade kids about vinyl? This is a really interesting project.

Mia: My good friend Mayra Hasson is an elementary school teacher and DJ who asked myself and a few other creative women of color to visit the school and talk about what we do. Basically a Career Day for creatives. I was especially excited to be apart of this since it was a public school in South Central, with the majority being students of color. With arts programs being either heavily trimmed down or eliminated in public schools in middle-lower class neighborhoods, I think its so important to expose children to what it would look like to make a living as an artist or musician. That it’s possible, even. Since I learned how to DJ on vinyl, records have been such a crucial part of my growth as a DJ and an artist, so I wanted to share this with the kids. It was insane to see so many tiny faces stare at a record in complete awe because they’ve never seen one before. Especially being taught about a form of music they never heard of by a woman I think is pretty powerful. I hope that I was able to show at least one kid that someone who looks like them can make a living doing what she loves.

Rebecca: Last question, what's the sweetest thing your dog Larry has done for you lately?

Mia: Literally every day he is an angel sent from the heavens. Two weeks out of an emotionally taxing 5 year relationship, I found Larry in a shelter out in south central. We chose each other. We saved each other. I don’t think I could have bounced back from my break up as resiliently as I have if it weren’t for this dang dog. I thank him every chance I get.


Photography @rebeccazephyrthomas
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