Marla Wallerstein jewelry

Marla Wallerstein jewelry



Damaged / Goods: What led you to originally pursue a career in modeling ?

Juan Milan: I can't really remember, my eyes maybe... I've always loved fashion, art and acting. I guess I got lucky when I started my career. I never really liked school, I was bored sitting in my chair and listening to teachers. It's not that I didn't like to learn new things but I felt more inspired doing my own thing, going out there and seeing the world.

Damaged: Who would you say is your ultimate fashion inspiration ?

Juan: I often look back at what Hedi Slimane has accomplished at DIOR and Saint Laurent. I'm also a great admirer Hedi's photography work. Musicians as well are pretty big inspirations, artists like Sid Vicious, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Pete Doherty to name a few...

Damaged: Favorite fashion brands ?

Juan: Saint Laurent is definitely my favorite! Then I really like Vivienne Westwood, Nick Fouquet, Everyday Hero, Marla Studio, The Great Frog.

Damaged: In terms of music, who are your top artists of the moment ?

Juan: The Kinks, Richard hell, A Tribe Called Quest, Cypress Hill, The Kingsmen, Serge Gainsbourg, Edith Piaf, Miles Davis, Jefferson Airplane, Frank Sinatra.

Whats your damage ? 

Juan: A broken relationship with my family which has increasingly led me to follow my own path and pursue my dreams. When you realize that you don't choose your family, you just have to live with it and keep doing what you love.

Photography & Styling @matychevriere
Model @juan_milan