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Damaged / Goods
May, 24, 2018

Born and raised in San Francisco, Nick Hinman started Palm Springsteen in 2014 as a solo project in "a glorified closet in South Williamsburg". 

Palm Springsteen transitioned into a band when guitarist Hayden Tobin came to check out Nick's performance at Ham and Eggs tavern. "Prince had passed away two days before and I did a really shady cover of Let's Go Crazy on a tiny keyboard"

After the show, Nick and Hayden decided to work on a few songs in Hayden's studio in Glassell Park. After that night, everything went really fast. 

"I was on a trip to New Orleans with Kyle, I played him some songs and we decided to play some shows together in NY that summer. Luca was Kyle's roommate (still is I guess), I sent him some tunes and he was on board as synth player. It happened really fast and organically, which was great."

"Two months later, July 4 2016, we played a backyard show in Bushwick to celebrate the birth of America and/or Palm Springsteen.

Nick describes Palm Springsteen as an eclectic mix of genres. "I find inspiration in everything from Gang of Four to Madonna."

Palm Springsteen's live set at The Satellite in Silverlake, April 26th felt like a strung out collaboration between Joy Division and The Talking Heads high on Julian Casablanca's keyboard. 

Palm Springsteen is Nick Hinman @Yung_Avocado Hayden Tobin @drinkmykool_aid2, Kyle Sirell @senor.el,  Luca Buccellati @glbuccellati.

You can follow Palm Springsteen on Instagram at @palmspringsteen



Damaged / Goods: The live performance at the Satellite was really good! How would you describe your own personal style?

Nick Hinman: I'd say my personal style icon is that cartoon character in the intro to Grease who puts on a turtleneck and can't find a comb. And Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's 2.

Damaged: What led you to pursue a career in the music industry?

Nick: At risk of sounding cliché, it was something that I had to follow because it was right. But something that ended up being inherently magnetic. 

Damaged: How did you come up with the title Palm Springsteen?

Nick: It was a culmination of all the inspired and incredible band names I've come up with. Re: outstairs, santana monica, dad party. When I started really writing for the project, I started saving project files as Palm Springsteen and when my friends forced me to play a show, it couldn't be anything else. 

Damaged: Where does the inspiration behind the music and lyrics come from?

Nick: A lot of it is an unfiltered transcription from what's going on in my life to song, but more often it's a love song to Diva from the Fifth Element.

Damaged: Palm Springsteen has performed live in NY at Berlin, Babys All Right and The Satellite, Peppermint Club, Rose Bar at GPH in NYC. Can you tell us the differences between your live performance in either city and the crowd's reception?

Nick: It's all been great. The two cities are pretty similar. I love LA for its professional hedonism and NY for the mental deconstruction, but the crowds are great in both. 

 Damaged: Whats message are trying to convey through your music?

Nick: Don't do drugs. And Leonardo DiCaprio, what's up dude I miss you. Call me. Let's play that show on the yacht.

Damaged: Where do you see your band in ten years from now?

Nick: Trying to reconcile with Leo.

What's your Damaged?

Nick: Goods.

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Talent @Yung_Avocado with @palmspringsteen
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