Sound of Sun / Directors’ Cuts

Czech born filmmaker Eva Doležalová talks to Damaged Magazine about her debut short film, "Sound of Sun" starring Suki Waterhouse, Sean Penn and Eva herself. The film is about Eva's personal transformation into a filmmaker. 

"Sound of Sun is an abstract portrait of one searching who they are and becoming the artist they are supposed to be". 

The film is a sensual fantasy that focuses on self-awareness as one treads between the realms of dreams and reality. It's a tale of a young woman, played by Suki Waterhouse, seeking to become her true self. With guidance of a girl from her dreams, myself, and Sean Penn's character, she reaches an epiphany and confidence to become self-reliant. 


Kika Reinhardt: Eva, can you please tell us about your film SOUND OF SUN and directorial debut ?

Eva Doležalová: The first idea for my film came to me in my dreams. I saw myself transforming and discovering something new and unknown. It felt very liberating and I instantly knew that this was the moment to make my first film. Sound of Sun is a portrayal of discovery of self awareness in a twisting venture between dreams and reality. To me, life, is a never ending exploration of everything that life gives us. One should never stop dreaming and learning.

Kika: How did you come up with the concept for the film and what was the creative process like for you ?

Eva: The creative process of this film was very interesting. For example the title of the film didn’t came to me until a half way through the editing process. Not many people actually know this, but the sound right at the beginning of the film is an actual sound of sun. My voiceover leads the audience through it when I say: “Do you know the sound of sun?” I can hear it all the time. Listen…” 

It is one of the most powerful sounds I’ve ever heard, so pure and vibrant, I had to have it in the film. And so the title came to me right at this point. As well all the sound design was done after the film was cut, as it always is, but my editor and I did it a little differently. All the soft screams, breathing and such sounds were made by me in a sound mixing studio. We would watch the film, I would stop it go into the recording booth, record a few sounds and we mixed it right in

Kika: How has your experience in your previous career inspired you in terms of your filmmaking ?  

Eva: I started as an actor in Czech Republic when I was a child. By change my grandmother saw a public casting in the local newspapers for 10 year old kids. I was always creative and I think my grandmother saw that this was my opportunity to do something that I will purely enjoy. I got the lead role, played in other films after that, theatre for 2 years where I as well participated on co-writing plays. I knew that cinema will be in my life, and I always secretly dreamed of directing - tell stories that will move and influence people. 
For me, film, is the purest form of art, you get to visit places and feel emotions you’ve never felt before, sympathise with characters on screen and realise that you’re not the only one feeling a certain way.

Kika: How was your experience working with Sean Penn and Suki Waterhouse as leads in your film?

Eva: I mean…incredible. Suki is along time friend since we were 17 and we’ve always been there for each other. I am very grateful for Sean’s participation, he’s a true artist and I love that he saw the potential in my film and let me film him.


Kika: You have lived in every major capital in the world and you are now an LA resident, what inspired you to move to LA ?

Eva: Filmmaking. I moved to LA from Paris where I lived for 2 years. Before that I traveled the world and later lived in London where I studied at RADA. When I was done with my studies, I moved to Paris, learned French and worked as an actor. On my last year in Paris I met Gaspar Noe who taught me about cinema more then anyone else before and pushed me to pursuit my longtime dream for filmmaking. He always said I should direct. And then, life somehow brought me to LA. 
I never dreamed of living here, nor that I never even imagined it, but somehow destiny brought me out here. If we trust life, it will always bring us where we are supposed to be.

Kika: What's next for you ?

Eva: I have two original feature films I wrote in development with one of them being made this year in November in L.A. Both of my films have strong female protagonists that make a difference in today’s world. One of them making justice and difference in today's world and politics.


What's your damage ? 

Eva: I don’t really think of anything in life as a damage, it’s only a learning curve that makes us realize things about ourselves and life, and hopefully, become even better human beings.

Sound of Sun / Directors’ Cuts

Starring Eva Doležalová Suki Waterhouse and Sean Penn


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