Damaged / Goods: What led you to originally pursue a career in the beauty industry ?

Christina Guerra:  I've always been obsessed with musicians that leaned towards the theatrical like Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Bjork etc. I also really dug 70s-80s fashion photography, like the work of Scavullo and Guy Bourdin. Plus, my mom was a total glamazon back in the day and I would break into her makeup case & just go to town. It was truly inevitable that I ended up doing makeup. 

Damaged: What is your ultimate beauty tip ?

Christina: Just do you. Screw what other people think or do, if you love it that's what matters. In this world of YouTube and Instagram makeup artists, always choose innovation over imitation. 

Damaged: What's your favorite beauty trend ?

Christina:  I don't pay much attention to trends, but it does look like the super heavy "cake face" foundation & stripey contour is on its way out. The only person in my opinion who looked cool doing that was Siouxsie Sioux. I really hope the fresh dewy skin trend stays here forever.

Damaged: Go to makeup look for a night out ? 

Christina: I always lean towards a cool statement eye (think smoky, glittery, heavily winged, brightly colored, whatever floats your boat) with a sheer nude pearly lip. As the night wears on, your makeup smudges and looks cooler. With the sheer lip, you can enjoy cocktails/make out sessions all evening without having to check your lips every 3 minutes. 

Damaged: In terms of music, who are your top artists of the moment?

 Christina:Right now I'm really into alternative R&B music, like the latest Banks album or perennial favorite FKA Twigs. I've also recently rediscovered my love for the Stooges so the back catalog is on constant repeat, sorry, neighbors (laughs).

Whats your damage?

Christina: I come from a small town where you were considered a "devil worshipper" if you even leaned slightly towards the punkier side of things. I got picked on & ostracized a lot for being different and experimenting a lot with makeup. 

I love being able to express myself artistically with other creative minds for a living now. I get to wear my old Misfits shirts to work and don't have to clock in to some soul sucking corporate day job. 



Photography @samidrasin
Model @diana_likhachyova with @TwoManagementwomen
Makeup @christinaguerra with @celestineagency
Hair @eruminer
Styling @alyssashapiro