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The vision for The Rosy Oyster at The Roosevelt Hotel comes from Sal Imposimato, VP of Brand Experience at Journal Hotels. 

Sal Imposimato started his career in the hospitality industry in the night life in NYC. He then moved on and started over seeing promotional and brand partnership initiatives for various hotel brands like Soho and Tribeca Grands, the Thompson Hotels, Morgans Hotel Group as well as creative endeavors with illustrator Cam Diamond of Funkhaus. 

"It was always my job to bring the lifestyle components to the properties, by way of introducing new and relevant culture affiliations that guests and locals were drawn to"

Sal's new concept and design at the Roosevelt Hotel is called the Rosy Oyster. "I wanted to develop one of the suites by the Tropicana pool into a rosé and oyster bar. Both are sexy and nothing screams summertime more than rosé.

The stylish and exclusive venue is an outrageous environment that screams sex and rock'n roll everywhere you look. 

"We wanted to create a classic and elegant atmosphere where people would dress up in evening, it was very important to me to have the music, lighting and seating just right." 

Sal has spent over 20 years creating non conforming and disruptive experiences that ultimately create a sense of voice and tonality that are distinctive difference makers for travelers. His last club partner is American fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

You can follow The Rosy Oyster at The Roosevelt Hotel on Instagram at @therosyo. 

Illustration by Cam Diamond

Illustration by Cam Diamond


Aurelien Levitan: Sal, pleasure meeting you last Thursday evening at The Rosy Oyster and thank you for the introduction Robbie! It was an honor being one of the first guests at The Rosy Oyster. How did you guys meet?

Sal Imposimato: We met through a mutual friend, Wade Crescent from Blind Dragon
Robbie Furze: yeah Wade introduced us

Aurelien: I've lived in LA for thirteen years now and in my opinion, nothing comes close to Teddy's at The Roosevelt Hotel-The nightclub Creative Director / Photographer Amanda Demme created about ten years ago. Are you confident with this massive undertaking?
Sal: we are not trying to recreate Teddy's or any other spot. This space is just a hang. It's not a bar, it's not a restaurant, it's not a nightclub, it's just a glorified hotel room. It's as if you or one of your friends rented a dope hotel room for the night and threw a party. That's the vibe, that's the way it was designed to flow and act. 

Robbie Furze: I sadly missed the Teddy's hay day but I have attended a few parties in my time in LA and like Sal said The Rosy is a completely different  vibe. The Rosy O is a space to hang. It's a place that you come and feel safe away from the crazy of Hollywood. I want people to feel proud to be part of the gang. To feel like Sal said it's like they are throwing their own hotel room party with just their friends and putting on their own playlists or their friends jump on the decks to spin. 

Aurelien: Rosy Oyster involves Interior Designer Courtland Bascon, Sommeliére Lelañea Fulton and Artist Amit Greenberg. How did you meet each member of the team and how did you get them involved?

Sal: In order to build credibility for each aspect of the space, Courtland, Lelañea, and Robbie all bring something special and integral to The Rosy. Lelanea is an award winning sommelier and has worked for amazing places like Dirty French and Carbone in NYC, even had her wine list in the Oscar gift bag this year. We wanted to have a sick wine program, since the space is about rose's etc. Amit Greenberg is a sick artist and has done 3 or 4 collaborations with collette in Paris and has even shown fine art work at Sotheby's and Marlborough Gallery in NYC. His work plays into the conceptual storyline of Wu Chang being an "artist" and drawing all over the room. Then there's Robbie...again, if you were to have a party in a hotel room, who better than Robbie to invite and have people come down. He curates great music, knows all kinds of fun people and super easy and great to work with. 

Robbie: Thank you Sal, I'm truly loving it and proud to be involved. it's a great feeling when I bring people down and their reaction is like "yes! finally we've found our hang"

Aurelien: Robbie, you're known for being the frontman of the English electronic rock band The Big Pink. The band was initially a duo formed by you and Milo Cordell in 2007. You had a Monday night residency at The Echo in November of that year. When can we see you perform live next?

Robbie: We are just waiting on mixes to come back. We will probably play a few more times over the summer but the main push will be when we start releasing material in the fall. 

Aurelien: Can you tell us what goes into the coordination of hosting a considerably massive event like Moschino's after party on the Rooftop of The Roosevelt Hotel ?

Sal: Just a good team of people. At the end of the day, concepts are only concepts if there is no execution to them. The Roosevelt has had amazing events in the past, the teams I have working with me are the best. They get it, and know how to pull it together no matter how big or small the event. I am grateful for them all. 

Aurelien: You've created a night time venue, IN LA, that people want to dress up for; where everyone feels and looks great in an atmosphere that evokes sex and an overstimulation of indecency everywhere you look. This place is NOT for everyone!

Sal: Exactly, come to feel part of something different then the status quo. The Rosy Oyster is a place that makes you feel sexy. We are not trying too hard, nothing is contrived or forced. Each night takes on its own personality, some nights are busier than others, some nights have different vibes, it's all good either way. We always have great people in the room. A mix of skateboarders, models, musicians, producers, Hollywood types, young celebrities etc. all together it makes for a fun space

Robbie: It's a gang and we are creating a movement. LA itself is having a cultural explosion, It's pulling in so many creatives from all over the world and The Rosy is where they all want to hang out.  

What's your Damage ?

Sal: Maple glazed bacon at Rosy. I'm obsessed
Robbie Furze: Rosé!

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