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Damaged / Goods: Where are you guys from?

Twin Temple: The infernal abyss // Los Angeles

Damaged: How did Twin Temple get started?

Twin Temple:  We have been collaborating on different projects on and off for the last decade, and have always enjoyed working together. On Walpurgisnacht of last year, we were blessed to be visited in a dream by Satan, who called us to do their bidding, and we gladly relinquished our souls.

Damaged: Why Twin Temple?

Twin Temple: We thought the words painted a picture of alchemical magick, synthesis and the union of polarities. The eagle and snake, man and woman, light and dark, the chalice and the blade.

Damaged: What is the meaning of “Girl Trouble” and “Let’s hang Together"?

Twin Temple: Let’s Hang Together is our newest single, which we’re really proud to have released on PLAG Records. They’re an incredible feminist collective carving out spaces for women’s voices to be heard and they’ve been a dream to work with. The song was inspired by our own unholy matrimony— the vows we spoke, in particular, “lil death do us part,” got us thinking about the macabre side of love. It commemorates that time in our life— but we wanted to inject the classic saccharine doo-wop love song with strychnine. We imagined a gothic, doomed, noir duo— insane romantics like Bonnie and Clyde, Romeo & Juliet, Heathcliff & Cathy— loverswhose devotion drove them to madness and an early grave. Death and sex, adoration and insanity, passion and murder, are all just two sides of the same razor thin dagger.

Girl Trouble is a confessional song that mourns the death of a friendship, through an inherently feminist perspective. I wanted to claim the term “Girl Trouble,” which is typically only used by men, to give the saying new life. In the video we explored this idea of “confession” and femininity. We shot the video in an antique Victorian church from 1889. Rather than confessing to a patriarchal, all-powerful priest, I assumed the role of both Priestess and devotee, acting as my own instrument of salvation. We used classic symbols of divine femininity- like the color palette of black, white and red, honoring the triple goddess, as well as Lilith’s snakes, and the Egyptian goddess Horus.

Damaged: Can you tell us about some of your main influences?

Twin Temple: The occult, magick, Satanic philosophy, and the golden era of classic American music, in particular soul, rhythm and blues, and doo-wop. We’re inspired by America’s dark musical heritage— like the jazz funerals and Voodoo inspired sounds of New Orleans, the appearance of the Devil in early American blues, and the macabre side of big band jazz.

Damaged What is the creative recording process like between you guys?

Twin Temple: For the two recordings we have out right now, we recorded both at our home studio here in Silverlake and at Henson Studios in Wendy & Lisa’s room. Right now we’re recording new music- we cut a couple with our friend Ignacio of Creation Factory/Mystic braves. We cut the songs live to tape and really enjoyed the whole process.

Damaged: What was the inspiration for this shoot and where was it shot?

Twin Temple: We found this Catholic cemetery with a lot of beautiful old mausoleums and graves. Some inspirations: onryo, a type of Japanese ghost that died with such strong passions that their soul transformed into a wrathful spirit, Catholic priests who realized the error of their ways and turned to Satan, Victorian mourning, witchcraft, and murder.

What's your Damage?

Twin Temple: Destruction of hypocrisy.

You can download Twin Temple's latest release here: Memento Mori- remember you must die.



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