Daniel Gerbang, Samuel Shea, Rodney Bingenheimer, Julien O'Neill, Justin Goings

Daniel Gerbang, Samuel Shea, Rodney Bingenheimer, Julien O'Neill, Justin Goings



Damaged / Goods: How did the band started?

Warbly Jets: The band was originally started as a recording project by myself and Julien in NYC 2015. We quickly met Justin and Dan after moving to Los Angeles. If you had told me back then our first record would come out Oct. 20th 2017, I would've been like damn that's a long time to wait.

Damaged: What's the writing/recording process like?

Warbly Jets: We bounce back and forth between different roles. Most of the time Julien, Dan, or myself will being a pretty well formed idea to the table and the three of us will spend time shaping the arrangement of the song till it's feels right. I engineered and produced this first record thats coming out Oct. 20th. 2017. Everyone really got their hands dirty on this one though. We really enjoy the process of the making recordings, but at the end of the 2nd month waxing off some of the more ambitious songs off of our debut album out Oct. 20th 2017 world wide started to feel like banging my head against the wall. That's what makes it so worth it in the end.

Damaged: How was your live set at The Roxy Theatre July 27?

Warbly Jets: It's always good to play in our hometown and it was exciting to play in a room with so much musical history. This show was not one of our favorites for a number of reasons the main one being technical issues with the stage sound. It's difficult to perform properly live when you're dealing with that kind of shit on stage. At the end of the day when you have a record coming out Oct. 20th 2017 you just gotta get out there and get the people amped for some good rock music.

Damaged: What's your take on our generation’s accessibility to Digital Audio Workstation?

Warbly Jets: Here's something I can get on about. I'm someone that loves gear and cool sounding analog thing but I'm not going to get into a tape/DAW rant here. I view theease of accessibility to DAWs as a purely positive thing for the future of music. The fact I can finish this interview and go right back to writing a song in GarageBand on my IPhone while riding in a van at 80mph through Texas blows my mind. If your a song writer or aspiring one you no longer need to book a $400 a day studio to start creating. There are so many cheap or free DAWs out there that can get you started learning the basics of recording. As for our debut album out to the entire world In 2017 Oct 20th we stuck to a combination of analog and protools.

Damaged: Tell us about the different crowd’s in China, the US and the UK?

Warbly Jets: China was amazing. It was really great to go there to play the songs off of our debut self-titled record that's coming out October 20th.The crowd reception was amazing, it was really great to connect with a totally new set of faces. We're currently in the middle of our US tour which has been our best run to date. Some shows have been packed, 1 of them was basically empty but everyone in the room has seemed to connect well with the music. We're heading to Europe August 31st. Time will tell what the reception is across the pond, but I did just hear that the first night of our residency in London has sold out. Can't wait to melt some faces!

Damaged: What are your expectations for your upcoming self-titled album due out in October 20?

Warbly Jets: For our Self-titled debut record to be out Oct. 20th 2017 world wide via Warbly Jets / Rebel Union Entertainment.

Damaged: what’s you Damage?

Warbly Jets: Bike accidents, overdrawn bank accounts, rehearsal spaces that become your bedroom when your homeless, YMCA gym memberships (for the shower), bar backing jobs, cold NY winters, hot LA summers and everything in between. Our debut self titled record is out Oct. 20thworld wide. Don't miss it.


New Album out October 20, 2017  ||  Pre-Order at www.warblyjets.com

Upcoming international tour dates:

Sep 05 - London, UK - The Shacklewell Arms
Sep 08 - Paris, FR - Supersonic
Sep 12 - London, UK - The Shacklewell Arms
Sep 14 - Leeds, UK - Lending Rooms

Sep 14 - Glasgo, UK - Broadcast
Sep 17 - Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen
Sep 19 - London, UK - The Shacklewell Arms
Sep 25 - London, UK - The Shacklewell Arms

Oct  06 - Davenport, IA - Raccoon Motel
Oct  07 - Indianapolis, IN - Fountain Square Music Fest

Oct  08 - Appleton, WI - The OuterEdge

Oct  19 - Los Angeles, CA - The Moroccan Lounge *Album Release Show*



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